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Reliable translators are hard to find. The more specialized your work, the more difficult it will be for you to find a qualified translator. Here are some useful tips to help you avoid poorly written translations.

Be aware that some translation companies lack the required expertise at the top of the organization. If none of their managers speak French or if they know very little about the technicalities of your industry or profession, they will be unable to assess the quality of their own translation services.
A translation degree, in itself, does not make one competent in law, business, finance, medicine, science, engineering, or any other technical field. For specialized translation work, use translators with relevant academic knowledge and industry-specific experience.
The language barrier often prevents material errors and discrepancies from being detected immediately. Poorly written translations and material flaws end up being reviewed and corrected at extra cost. Always review your important translated documents with an employee or colleague who speaks the language of the translation.
Use Quality Control Services offered by a qualified translator/editor to obtain a quality rating (based on technical accuracy and relevance of style) of your translations.
For truly superior translation services, use genuine experts, trained in a specific field, through the relevant faculty of a recognized university.

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