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Practically every business article I come across talks about number crunching. Everything is broken down into ROI (rate of return), the value of each customer and the number of customers per month.
Unfortunately, the most important factor left out of all these formulas is you — the business person. If you have a poverty mentality or a fear of not having enough, then you will restrict the flow of income.
As my friend Ida says, “Money is Easy.” Creating more income or abundance in our lives is that simple, but most of us try to make it harder or more complicated than it is.
The hardest thing about our relationship with money is giving up our idea of what that income is or where it will come from. We must focus on what it CAN BE. For example, most business people see a limited market filled with a lot of competition. Another example, a business person might say he only earns five thousand dollars per month selling products.
In the first example above, the business person is allowing the fear of competition to restrict the flow of good to them. In the second example the person has defined a limited channel of how and where the money is to appear. To create more income we must be willing to let go of our limited thinking, remove the boundaries around our abundance and stop outlining how it is to appear in our life
You?ll notice that I am interchanging the word money, income and abundance. The first step of unlocking hidden profits in your business is to see your world as unlimited abundance. You must know deep down inside that there are plenty of customers that want your services and competition will become a non-issue. Focus FIRST to being in Service To Your Customers and allow the income to flow to you naturally without any restrictions or expectations. Sometimes abundance appears as money that you can spend. Sometimes abundance is someone taking you to lunch or getting an unexpected rebate or discount on a purchase you made.
The following rules will help you expand your thinking and break down any boundaries that you have about money or abundance.
Money is energy. It follows the Laws of Nature and like the tides of the ocean it has a natural rhythm of flowing in and out. When we allow money to flow to us and not restrict or define how it is to come to us then we become the masters of abundance. We restrict the flow of abundance when we do not allow someone to take us out to lunch? “Oh no, you shouldn?t pay for lunch.” We restrict the flow of abundance when we don?t pick-up the penny that we find on the street. You ask the Universe for more abundance and it is given to you at your feet but it is beneath you to pick-up change that you find lying on the ground. [Note: When I started picking up money on the street the denomination and amount increased!] Or we restrict the flow of abundance with limited thinking. Every time you say I only earn XYZ dollars you are defining a boundary and limiting more abundance to flow.
Money is impersonal. Money is not good or evil. It has no values or beliefs except what we put on it. Money does NOT care who you are or what your background is or what your past family history was. This follows Rule#1 because money is energy and only that. It can be used for any purpose that we want. Money can be used to help people and it can be used to harm people. But how we use it or what we think about money does not change the nature of money, which is energy.
Money is unlimited. When we understand Rules One and Two, then money or abundance can freely flow to us as much as we will allow it. For example, in this past year there have been several natural disasters where thousands of people have lost their homes and needed help to rebuild their lives. People rallied together to help those displaced and said we need XYZ dollars. Within hours, millions of dollars poured in from all sources. Imagine and KNOW that you too can do the same. Create the need, open the energy and let the Universe provide all the good into your life.
I know you can create more abundance in your life because your Being is Energy and Money is Energy. The first step is developing a relationship with money. Each night before you go to bed write in your journal at least ten things that you are grateful for. Recognize, write and give thanks for all the monies that you have. Give thanks for all your customers. Give thanks for Spirit, God or Universe for the money that you found on the street. Give thanks for that person that smiled at you on the bus. This simple exercise takes only ten or fifteen minutes to do. Give yourself permission to try this and see what opens and flows into your life. If you forget to write in your journal for a couple of days or week, take notice how the flow may have slowed up or stopped. Pick-up the pen and start writing again in your journal and develop a habit.
As you develop this new fun habit you can begin creating new sources of income to appear. TRUST ME THIS WORKS. I found $640 in cash on the street last year! You can create what you want to appear in the future, but always write in the present tense. Remember NOT to create boundaries and remember NOT to define the outcome.
Here are examples of phrases you can write in your journal even BEFORE they appear:
I give thanks for all the unlimited income that flows in my life.
I give thanks for all my repeat customers.
I give thanks for all the monies I have.
I give thanks for the overflowing financial abundance in my life.
I am grateful to receive abundance and all the good in my life.
I am grateful for my all paid vacation to Hawaii.
I give thanks for my affiliate income of two-thousand dollars or more per month.
I give thanks for the opportunity to be open to receive all the good in my life.
I am grateful for my health.
I am grateful for my business.
I am grateful for my wonderful body that functions healthy and perfectly.
I am healthy whole and complete
I am grateful for right and perfect health.
I am grateful for the positive cash flow in my life.
Creating more income or abundance in our life is easy. Let go of boundaries and limiting thoughts and allow all the good to flow into your life. Soon you will be telling others how to create money out of thin air. Namaste
Copyright 2005 Wayne McDonald

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