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Trump, Stewart, Gates, Schwarzenegger?just some of the names that evoke images of great success, wealth, and power. Even with the collective successes realized – and billions garnered – by these, among our nation?s leading business people, it?s never too late to receive sound business advice. This according to seasoned business success coach John McKee, who notes, ?There are always areas for improvement in business, even for those at the very top who seemingly possess the secret formula for achievement.?
With this in mind, McKee dares to offer this advice to 4 of the nation?s foremost [and some notorious] business minds, many of whom are well entrenched in Forbes Magazine?s 2004 list of ?The World?s Richest People?:
1) Donald Trump ? ?Donald, it?s time to give back to the country that made you what you are today. An executive in your position is capable of doing a great deal to help America better compete on a global level, but we hear nothing to indicate your concern or commitment to our nation?s future success on the whole. With your television success, popularity and ?pop culture relevance?, you should leverage your powerful name, your publicity prowess, and, perhaps, a portion of your seemingly endless discretionary income to help ensure America?s standing in the global economy remains that of a leader. In short, I advise that you leverage your notoriety to a more altruistic and patriotic end. In doing so, your ROI will be in the way of goodwill toward [the American] man.?
2) Martha Stewart ? ?Martha, it?s clear that you have had a tremendous impact on women in business, and it?s imperative that you do not squander this opportunity to reinvent yourself in the eyes of the public now that legal matters are almost behind you. Given that only about 3% of CEOs at top U.S.-based businesses are women, I recommend that you get more formally involved in professional organizations that facilitate the success of women in business, so that you can impart your extensive expertise, know-how and business savvy to women who aspire to succeed in the corporate world as you have done. In doing so, you will endear America?s working women to you who would join the throngs of domestic goddesses who already sing your praises and have stood by you through thick and thin.?
3) Arnold Schwarzenegger ? ?Arnold, it?s no secret that thus far in your gubernatorial career you?ve yet to rectify California?s many budgetary and other financial shortcomings. You said you would change ?how government was run in the Golden State?, but so far there?s not much change to hang your hat on. I suggest you cease calling other politicians names like ?girly men?, and instead focus on narrowing the partisan chasm, and on improving California?s social services, education, or infrastructure. Yes, it?s a tough job, but you knew that upon running for this integral office. Great managers? take chances. They also establish trust by leading from example. Don?t miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to show leadership capabilities that match or, better yet, exceed, your ambition.
4) Bill Gates ? ?Bill, it seems you don?t recognize that the same market conditions and technology shifts that made Microsoft? the world?s foremost software company and, with it, you a billionaire many times over may very well be your company?s downfall. Regardless of how big or strong an enterprise is, if it fails to appropriately recognize and respond to market demands, it will stumble and, ultimately, fail completely. The best leaders – in any field – never stop listening to their customers, their employees or their competitors, and you should heed this mission critical fact. Otherwise those who provide alternatives to Microsoft? solutions may persevere in the long run.?

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