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You?ve just been granted an on-site interview in another town. Hurray!
This means you?ll be traveling to an employer?s location so that they can further evaluate you for a specific job position.
Before you make any travel arrangements, it?s a good idea to discuss who will be paying for your trip ? you or the employer. If you?re paying, find out if you?ll be reimbursed. It?s a good idea to save all your receipts from the trip if you?re being reimbursed for expenses.
Here?s some things to keep in mind when traveling to interviews:
1) Let the employer know immediately if you have to cancel the trip or make any changes to your visit.
2) Unless the employer is reserving your flight and hotel room, you will need a way to make reservations in advance.
3) Get all directions and transportation instructions to your destination ahead of time.
4) Factor in your commute time when planning to leave for the interview destination. How long will it take you to get there in traffic?
5) Avoid late airplane flights. These can be cancelled or delayed at a moment?s notice.
6) Bring your interview clothes with you on the plane ? just in case your checked luggage is lost or delayed.
7) It?s okay to wear casual clothes while traveling if there is no employer representative waiting to meet you when you arrive.
8) When you check into the hotel, ask the clerk if there are any messages or information for you from the employer.
9) Schedule a morning wake up call with the hotel so you don?t oversleep. Or, bring a travel alarm clock.
10) Bring extra copies of resumes, recommendation letters, transcripts, contact information, etc.

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