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Want more hits to your website or someone actually buying? This is a good question.
Do you feel all you are doing is pressing button without any responses? Most people are just spinning their wheels and not getting any further than when they start. There is combination of things that you must do to get the response that you so desire. Would you like to be one of the top websites when people search for anything? I am going to tell you what they are so you too can make those sales.
First, there is the traffic problem. So, you join a list of various traffic exchanges. This is not the problem, because you have joined these exchanges, getting the traffic but nobody is clicking on your site. That is because they are trying to earn credits so their site can be seen. Most people just click over your site and on to the next one. Of course traffic exchanges are good, but they are not enough.
What next search engines? You have been submitting to search engines, but still nobody is clicking on your site. Do you know that when you summit to a search engine you are at the bottom of the list? There are more than one hundred pages before anyone would get to your listing. If you keep submitting to search engine your listing will eventually become higher or you could pay for top sponsor ads.
Classified ads are also a good way to fine people to buy want you are selling. It is either hit or miss with the classified ads. Banner ads are the same way, if the people want it then they click otherwise you just spend the money and nobody clicks on it.
Have you ever written an article to put in the e-zines? This I think is another way to get traffic to your door step. There are thousand of ezines. All you have to do is write an original thought. There are also a lot of original thoughts out there. This is an original thought but I bet it was written about before.
Have your ever would how these people get the money to make there business work?

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