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If you want to be financially free then you should know how to create unlimited income, control your income and become the master of your money. Beside, create multiple source of income, just like building multiple pipelines. But what obstacle came between you on your way to create wealth? Have you ever heard people say:
‘I will never be rich?’
‘Money is not important. It?s not everything?. ‘
‘I am not the kind of people that can be wealthy…. ‘
‘Only the rich can become richer. The poor people like us will become poorer? ‘
Yes, that’s correct, because you have put yourself in the circle of the poor.
May I ask: ‘Before the rich became rich, were they rich or were they not?’
If You Want To Be Rich, Change Your Mindset TODAY!
Rich and poor is just a line apart. Everyone listen. Everyone see. Everyone lives in the same world. Opportunity lies in front. Why is there difference in wealth? Because in whatever the rich does they are one step ahead of others. Why does the poor become poorer? Because they do not have a strong desire to be rich and lack of action.
The Four Natural Rules of Success:

A Right Mindset
Moving one step ahead
Desire to be Rich
Consistent Action

With the right mindset, moving one step ahead of others, coupled with a strong desire to be rich and consistent action, you can build your wealth from nothing.
Robert Kiyosaki mentioned two ways to create wealth in his book “Rich Dad Poor Dad?. There is building business and investing. Sure there is a risk in investment. It either brings you a great fortune, or costs you tremendous amount of money. The question is, when opportunity arrives, are you prepared? In the stock market, spending time and money in order to gain experience can be fatal. Before investing in the market, let?s see what problems a typical investor would face:
Problem 1: Don?t know which stock to buy – invest wrong stock
Problem 2: Don?t know when to buy – buying at the wrong time
Problem 3: Don?t know when to sell – missed the profit take
Problem 4: Unwilling to sell when losing money
Problem 5: Gambling, not investing


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