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The Warehousing function plays a critical role in insuring the successful shipment of trade show exhibit properties in and out of the trade show exhibit house. The department?s primary role is to inventory the customer?s properties, pull and load out designated trade show trade show exhibits for shipment to show site, receive the customer?s properties into the facility, inspect crates for damage, and return properties to the warehouse for storage.
Warehouse personnel keep accurate records of crate contents and work closely with project Management, Production, and Shipping to create and update crate inventory records as well as confirm crate count on shipment requests, insuring all components are pulled for shipment. The Warehouse also makes sure that all components leave and return in good condition. As the last line of defense, the warehouse personnel become the final check and balance in the successful movement and maintenance of customer properties to and from show site.
Other Warehouse functions include supporting Production in the safe movement of crates in the facility during in-house trade show exhibit installations, refurbishment of customer properties, and the labeling and proper storage of new properties.
Department Processes
Specifically, the Warehouse fulfills the following responsibilities:
? Maintain crate inventory data, including crate contents, size, and weight.
? Track movement of properties in and out of the facility, guaranteeing that property is returned complete and undamaged.
? Efficiently and securely store customer properties to minimize unnecessary handling and ensure safety of crate contents.
? Continual communication with Project Management, Production and Shipping departments to insure accurate and timely movement of properties inside and outside the trade show exhibit facility.
What the Trade show exhibit House Needs from the client
In order to maintain the property, all trade show exhibit houses require a basic level of detail from your company including:
? Preparing a detailed data sheet regarding the existing properties needed for each event to insure that all necessary properties are pulled and packed.
? Supplying information regarding additional items that will be forwarded to the trade show exhibit warehouse to ship, including company literature, giveaways, AV equipment, client products, etc. will help the trade show exhibit house prepare proper documentation, determine the most cost effective method of packaging and insure that all pertinent items ship to the show.
? Identifying lists of any additional client properties that will return to the trade show exhibit house that were not part of the original shipment, allowing for proper inbound documentation and preparation for storage.
? Providing a show schedule in order for the Warehouse to anticipate the customer?s shipping needs and schedule work accordingly.
Customer Benefits
By working in partnership with your trade show exhibit house, the customer can realize enhanced value including:
? Easier maintenance of crate inventory data, allowing for more accurate freight quotes.
? Proper packing of trade show exhibit properties onto trucks to minimize wasted space and save on freight costs.
? Minimal handling of property, creating labor cost savings for the customer.
? Proper handling and timely return of customer properties that accompany the trade show exhibit shipment.

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