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It is 2006, an exciting time to be alive. Our economy in Alberta, Canada is booming. There are oodles of employment opportunities. Businesses are sprouting up on every corner.
Where are you involved in this rodeo of life?
Whoa your horses, Bucko! Whether you are in business, starting a business, or working for a business, some basic principles are necessary to allow you to shine, in all areas of your life.
?Customer service is king. You gotta provide exceptional customer service,? the business guru?s say. In my mind, that?s not enough.
When you have a similar product or service to that of your competitors, it is how you treat people that makes the difference. It requires exceptional customer service, plus ?A Bit More.?
Firstly, who is the customer?
A customer is anyone with whom you have a business relationship. It can be a paying customer, staff, supplier, partner, spouse, child, and neighbour. And it is critical that we treat EVERY customer with the same exceptional customer service, plus ?A Bit More.?
What is ?A Bit More??
My friend, Brent, is a Master Electrician. He provides exceptional service to his customers, plus ?A Bit More.?
Brent has the skills to take a snarly, tangly mass of wires, sort them out, and hook them together so that lights that are supposed to light ? light, and switches that are supposed to switch ? switch, and receptacles that are supposed to receptacle ? do that. His work is a form of art. Great thought and creativity goes into the placement and synchronization of every electrical component.
?So what?, you say. ?There are hundreds of good electricians out there. What is so special about this guy?
What does he do that is ?A Bit More???
Brent has customers who will not hire anyone else. Why?
One of his customers said, ?Other electricians will do the work for me, and some will do it cheaper. But you treat me with dignity. You ask questions. You listen to me. You explain what you need to do. And then you do what you said you would.?
These points are fundamental human relations principles for business, marriages, families, individuals, and communities ? for all customers.
Hold the reins folks. Let?s have a look at each of these key points before you gallop off into the sunset.
Because these points are so critical, I can?t jam it all into one article. Therefore, I encourage you to stay in the saddle for a three-part series to gain all of the ?A Bit More? principles of exceptional customer service.
This time, let?s have a look at Dignity.
Dignity is defined as: high regard, worthiness, goodness.
To treat a person with dignity means you honour them as a good, intelligent, human being ? worthy of your respect, attention, and time.
From my perspective, everyone deserves this.
I remember some of my previous business relations. There were times when I treated most of my business customers with dignity. In fact, I treated them as if they were royalty. When they said ?jump,? I said, ?how high?? as my feet left the ground. It was great for business ? some business.
But, what about my other customers, including my family and friends? Were they not deserving of the same dignity?
?Um, well, ah shucks. I guess I was a bit neglectful, uncooperative, rude, and unsociable. But I had to do that work for my big customers. That?s business. That?s what paid the bills.?
Horse manure and hogwash!
The principle of dignity works like this: If you do NOT treat your customers with dignity, they will go elsewhere to find it, and they won?t come back. A lack of dignity can lead to lost customers, workplace harassment, divorce, teenage pregnancies, drug and alcohol abuse, and more. Ouch! This reaches further than you may recognize.
Here are ?A Bit More? dignity hints:
? Consider everyone a ?special customer.? They are all equally important.
? Put on your best demeanor every morning and wear it in every interaction. There are no holidays. If you choose to feel angry, sad, or any negative emotions, that?s OK. But get away from others until you choose to treat yourself with dignity again.
? Be respectful and treat yourself, and others, as worthy human beings, regardless of differences of title, job, gender, education, etc.
? Be kind and demonstrate sincere interest and concern for others.
? Be helpful. A cooperative attitude is always beneficial.
When I apply these hints, I experience greater happiness and satisfaction. I experience a natural law of success, ?what you give; you get.? I find that as I treat ALL of my customers with dignity, they treat me in a similar fashion. And I know that it will work the same for you.
I challenge you to consciously apply these ?A Bit More? dignity hints. Stick with them. Make them habitual.
If you use them already, become more aware of them.
When it comes to human relations, there?s always room for improvement.
What do you have to gain?
Win/win success and greater happiness for all.
Keep practicing, friends. Don?t mosey too far from the arena, ?cause there are more ?A Bit More? principles to come.
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