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Once I overheard a man saying ?debt kills?, but then I realized that debt does not kill a man once and for all, but it slays him everyday and every time. Even though nowadays there?s considerable awareness about debt, people are still becoming a prey to this monster. Knowingly and unknowingly they get tangled in this knot, where liberation becomes next to impossible.
Reports confirm that individuals spend their fun-filled years of their life by just paying their school and college debts.
But then you just can?t bring this debt system to a halt because, there are times when these debts prove to be really handy.
So we have to let the debts survive, in such a way that it does not hinder our growth.
We can divide people categorically, where one category lives, not to live but to save. People tend on saving and thus they miss all the enjoyments and comfort in their life, but this lucky set will not get themselves into debt. The next category of people are called as the ?achievers? and these people strive to establish themselves and in the process they get in to debts, but the achiever never slows down he works hard and pays his debts, and after paying all his debts only he will realize that he lost all his valuable years only for his future gratification. The final category are called the lavish spenders, these people become an ideal prey to debt. They spend easily by swiping their plastic cards and in the end they are left only with dismay. Analyze yourself to identify your personal character and the category you belong.
Now the million dollar question is ?how are we going to overcome our debts??, once you find yourself in debt it is better to stop overspending. Do not pile up all your responsibilities just because it is bitter, some day you have to face it, why not today? So start planning your finances wisely, if possible get help from a knowledgeable person. When ever you feel tempted to buy something (which is not really necessary!) just think of the black days you have to face in debts. This small remainder will impede you, from buying.


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