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So you ran across some hard times. Maybe a loss of job, maybe sickness in the family. Or better yet, you were just foolish with your finances and ended up way over your head! (That’s what I did!)
Bankruptcy happens to the best of us. The great news is that bankruptcy is no longer the end of the world! You can rebuild your credit rating in no time if you want to!
A couple suggestions:
– Change your habits! Most likely your over loaded yourself with debt. Even if you didn’t, check your habits and see if you need to make new ones.
– Update all items on your credit report that were included in the bankruptcy. This prevents items from constantly hitting your score.
– Get a secured credit card. (Might actually be able to get an unsecured card!)
– Use your savings to create a secured loan. This is a no brainer! Credit without real debt!
– Think about asking if someone will make you an authorized user on their good credit. A parent, friend or even your spouse might be willing to help.
With these quick tips, you will find yourself with great credit in a short period of time. Best of luck in your new financial future!

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