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“Selling” is often considered a dirty word in the world of ADD Coaching. Many people associate sales with smarmy guys in cheap suits who see dollar signs instead of people.
But selling is not about deceiving people, and it’s not about taking advantage of them, either. Selling your ADD Coaching services is not unethical. Selling in ADD Coaching is about communicating to your potential clients how you can help, and why you’re the right coach.
Believe In Your Product, Believe in Yourself
Any good sales person knows that the first rule of selling is believing in your product. When you believe in the product and you believe that it’s a good fit for a person, you sell the product to that person.
In ADD Coaching, you are the product. So if you lack self-esteem or confidence in your coaching, you’re in trouble!
Convince Yourself That You’re Worth Selling
Rather than weighing yourself down with what you think you’re lacking (not enough training or not enough clients), start focusing on what does make you a good ADD Coach.
Make a list. What are your skills in coaching? What coaching experience do you have? (Note: you may have been an ADD Coach your whole life without knowing it!) What life experience do you have that relates to coaching? Who have you helped and how?
Use this list to convince yourself that you and your ADD Coaching services are worth selling! Refer to it often.
Remember, you’ll never get all the clients you want if you’re unable to communicate how you can help, and why you’re the right coach.

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