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There is a great range in rates for commercial surety bonds these days. Principals can see premiums range from 1-15% of the amount of the bond. Even a small bond at 15% can be extremely costly. In part 1 of 2 of this article, we will review what bonding companies look at when deciding a rate. Part 2 of this article will discuss what you can do to better your situation to make sure you are at the bonding companies lowest tier rating.
Commercial bond underwriting takes more than just personal credit into consideration. In general, a commercial bond submission must include: a bond application with general information on the principal, business financial statements and or a resume on the owner(s), personal financial statements of the owner(s), personal credit of the owner(s) and possibly their spouse(s), and the bond form that must be used to create the original bond. There are specialty programs available for some classes of business that will require less information. However, these programs are far and few in between.
A principal must qualify on all surety items named above. A surety can decline a principal if they fail to meet any of the sureties underwriting guidelines. The best way to understand what the surety is looking for is to go through everything one item at a time in detail. Some of the items below can be fixed immediately, others can take years to correct.
General Bond Application: A bond application will help the surety to determine: the bond amount, who is requiring the bond of the principal (obligee), principal?s contact information, owner(s) contact and personal information, etc. A surety can decline an applicant if they find that any of the information is inaccurate. At times, a surety will not want to write bonds when certain obligees are involved.
Business Financial Statement: The business financial statement of the applicant is the bloodline of the company and is one of the most critical items reviewed by the surety when applying for a bond. The statement should be done in an orderly fashion. Handwritten

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