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What is analogy between Santa clause and Google bot. Yeah you got it. Whenever you see any of them it is smile spread on your face. Your heart feels light. You can sleep well in your dreams. It makes you more attentive to your near and dear like your girl friend, children, wife and whole family by reducing tension in your mind.
The point here is how to get that accomplish. Google is the toughest hurdle to win in any SEO efforts. But it worth its salt as Google account more than third and fourth search engine do together (Yahoo is second) so we need to get listed into Google as soon as possible.
Search Engines are hungry for quality content. And they keep looking for it. For the searchers, any search engine wants to put most relevant and updated information. This forces them to love blogs. Blogs which have good content and are regularly getting update get a great ranking from search engines. For Google, suggestion is to start on blog on www.blogger.com. After creating one you put at least one link their in the blog pages. And you are done. You will see your page listed in Google within 48 hours Did you blink? Yes, you did.
You can go closer to Google by using it new service of Google personized pages. It is my yahoo kind of service and shows you your own Google page. You need a Google account to get this page. Try it here www.google.com/ig . Once you get in your own Google home page, you can see ?create content? on the left column. You put your blog feed address in the box after clicking the create content. It will put 3 latest posts from your blog in you homepage.
That?s it. Sit back and relax. Better go for 8 hour date with your girl friend. You are in Google now.


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