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:::Show those extra pounds you mean business with these proven principles for professional success:::
In business, individuals often secure the services of a success coach to ?fix? certain areas of their professional life, such as securing a desired promotion or salary increase, or enhancing performance and productivity in their business lives. However, it?s noteworthy that many of the issues and challenges people face on the job are more similar than not to those of someone trying to lose weight. In short, both of these groups often seek someone or something that, with minimum effort, expense, and time, can get their situations ?fixed? and on a desirable course for the long term.
Like many challenges faced by professionals looking to enhance their career path, those with weight-related challenges may also be failing to realize that the weight problem is actually a symptom of other, more deep-seeded problems that are occurring elsewhere in their lives. In other words, the obstacles overweight and obese people face may, in fact, not necessarily be a food-related problem at all, just as problems at work may have very little about what?s actually occurring on the job.
In my practice, BusinessSuccessCoach.net, I use a holistic process coined ?The Four Windows Method? to assess all of the elements required to affect my client?s success in business, rather than simply focusing on what is likely a mere symptom. Although conceived for use in a business context, this proven process is infinitely adaptable and effective to those attempting to lose weight.
Susan Burke MS, RD, LD/N, CDE concurs, having noted, ?It?s clear John McKee understands that weight loss encompasses much more than just food modification. His introspective Four Windows Method digs deeper in an attempt to uncover one?s true motivation for overeating, which has resulted in the ?symptom? of an overweight or obese condition. McKee?s Method is designed to achieve permanent behavioral change to achieve and maintain a healthy weight for the long term and, as such, it?s an effort that I wholeheartedly endorse.?
“Losing weight rarely relates to simply implementing the ?right diet? or the ?right workout?,? said Raphael Calzadilla, B.A., CPT, ACE and a Certified Personal Trainer. ?From my extensive personal and professional health experience, I?ve learned that one must first understand the driving emotional and psychological forces in their life in order to make the required behavioral changes. McKee?s Four Windows Method is one such process. It can help health seekers get on the right emotional track, allowing them to more effectively work toward – and reach – their goal.”
What Are The Four Windows?
Window 1 ? The Foundational Window:
? Reviewing your life currently – What?s Great, What?s not-as-Great, and What?s Just Not-Good
? Looking at a better future ? What are you?re Looking For?
Window 2 ? The Attributes Window:
? Understanding Your Areas for Development
? Assessing your Strengths
Window 3 – The Window of Evolution:
? Your Individual Life Plan
Window 4 – The Window of Opportunity:
? Prioritize
? No Walls will Hold You Back

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