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Dallas-based InsureAmerica Management Company has released a new Internet site, www.byoib.com, to aid in recruitment of nationwide health insurance agents. Complete with commission examples, earnings potential breakdowns and an income potential calculator, interested health insurance agents can get a good look at the opportunity InsureAmerica has to offer.
The new website is part of the company?s aggressive growth and expansion plan to further extend its national reach.
?We know we have a business opportunity and a system that health insurance agents and agency owners can be successful with. We just needed an avenue to express this,? states Dan Roberts, Vice President, Sales and Marketing. ?The days of simple newspaper ads are a thing of the past. People want more information and want to know what you can do for them. This is what our recruiting site is about?the agents and what we can do to make them successful.?
The website address, www.byoib.com, comes from the acronym of the phrase Build Your Own Insurance Business, which is the recurring theme of the website. InsureAmerica isn?t about selling health insurance. It?s goal is to also help others grow their own businesses.
?Selling health insurance and running your own insurance office is a daunting task and at times agents can feel like they are all alone. Through this website we want to convey to potential agents that we are here to help them and that they are not successful because of us, but that we are successful because of them. We have people in our group that have built very lucrative businesses and enjoy helping others do the same,? says Dan Roberts, Vice President, Sales and Marketing.
In addition to being able to see commissions and earnings information, potential agents can find out more about the products that InsureAmerica represents, the in-house lead program and company background.

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