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Yes, it neither sounds very exciting nor empowering. But the basics are the very foundation! Missing this basic and you could well end up wasting your efforts for the next few months to come.
Like everyone else, you truly want your email campaign to be fruitful, and in the process you too don?t want to annoy your readers. Turning off your reader with your poor email etiquette and you can be sure that they?ll tune out your email message. Spoof?there goes your online business as well! Don?t ever let this disaster happen to you!
What kind of email message brings true sale leads? Basic……a message that earns basic respect will bring sales, and that?s our discussion here.
Common Sense 1 ? Break up your message up into short paragraphs
Always remember to break up your message and lines so that they don?t end up with long characters. Wondering why to do this? Simply there are 2 basic reasons:
? Ask yourself this: – after looking at computer screen for quite some time, do you feel your eyes getting tire, getting fatigue? That would very well happen to others too! The shorter the span of characters across the screen will really makes reading much relaxing, and naturally it?ll be much more appealing to your reader.
? Another reason is this: – some email clients or handler is set to automatically enforcing character or line wrapping. If your message is too long, the content will be presented in “chopped off” style! This definitely will make it looks ugly.
Common Sense 2 – Be extra careful when using letter Caps
How often had you changed your TV channel just to skip listening to some sale bombardment? No one will likes sale bombardment…and no one likes a “sale bombardment” email message too. You are going to be turned off by your reader if you do such bombardment.
Email messages written in all caps are considered rule and yelling towards its reader. It?s alright to include some sentences and words in all caps, but don?t ever go overboard. If you need to, break them up into paragraph for the content.
Emails and message presented in all caps are perceived as rude and uneducated, and will damage the credibility of the sender. How would the reader going to buy from a source that they don?t se the credibility?
Common Sense 3 – Correct Your Grammar and Word?s spelling before Sending It
Rule of thumb, as a consumer yourself, would you be convinced by an email that tries to sell you something but had noticeable word?s spelling and grammar errors? You wouldn?t! And your perception towards that sender would be well negative too!
When a recipient reads your sales message that?s filled with stupid errors, what would they think? “Gosh, this fellow doesn?t even take the small effort to get his message written correctly. His product is most probably the same lousy quality as his emails.”
If you are in business, keep in mind that your image and presentation is your business reputation. More important if you are doing online business where most, if not all your customers don?t get the chance to see you face to face.
Your reputation is the main reason why people are buying from you or the next guy he come across. It?s of utmost critical that you consistently project a professional image of CREDIBILITY in the mind of your potential customers.
Remember it hard all the time, doing business online and sending emails that filled with lousy errors don?t just hurt your online business image…it simply will kill it. And that goes good bye with your business.

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