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In these times of sky high gasoline prices and rising costs of transportation, consumers are increasingly interested in credit card services that give them discounts on gas. Instead of looking into a specific gas credit card from an oil and gas company, you might look at the offer for a Chase credit card that gives you gasoline rebates when you use your card.
You can find the Chase credit card offer online at their website, http://www.chase.com. Simply look for the card called the Chase PerfectCard MasterCard. There are several credit card services offered along with this card that consumers find attractive.
? When you use your Chase PerfectCard MasterCard to buy gasoline for the first ninety days, you receive six percent of your purchase price back on your card. So you can go to any gas station anywhere and fill up your car or truck knowing that six percent of your bill will be come back to you. This gas credit card gives you the rebates in the form of credit on your account towards future purchases. So you will not receive a rebate check or cash back award at the end of the year as with some credit card services. Instead, you will automatically have access to this rebate amount when you use your Chase credit card in the future.
? After your initial trial period of ninety days is complete, Chase gives you three percent back on all gas purchases. Anywhere you fill up your tank, you get this rebate benefit. This is better than having a traditional gas credit card with only one gas company, as you would not have the freedom and flexibility you have with the Chase PerfectCard MasterCard.
? But the rebate deals do no stop there. You also receive one percent of all your purchases made on other products and services. This means that no matter what you buy with your Chase credit card, or when or where you buy it, you receive one percent of your purchase price in the form of a rebate. The one percent will be credited to your account for use in the future. Most cards only offer cash back rewards like this. But the Chase PerfectCard MasterCard offers you not only a return on your purchases, but a way to cut down on your transportation costs as well.
? With the Chase PerfectCard MasterCard, there is no annual fee. This is a great deal. You get rebates on all your purchases and you do not have to pay a fee for the credit card services.
? Chase also offers you the all important feature of quality customer service. The Chase customer service hotline is available to you whereever you live or travel at any time of day. If you have a question about your rebates or a need to review your account information, the Chase customer service representatives are at your disposal. And remember that Chase is a banking institution that has been around for many years and is one of the most reliable financial companies you can find.

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