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You are attending a conference or a seminar, whether for business or for educational purposes. You register in advance and don?t give it another thought. These things take care of themselves don?t they? As an attendee, I have often done the same thing. You appreciate all of the detail but you don?t realize how much thought and time was put into planning the event. Someone, or a team of people, has put much time, effort and thought into every minor detail of the event.
Do you have the time to dedicate to planning such an event? Do you work extra hours and weekends to make sure that the conference is a success? What is the alternative? Outsourcing is a fabulous option to working around the clock and burning the midnight oil.
This was a decision that the Prophet 21 WorldWide Users Group (WWUG) was facing recently when attempting to plan for their annual Users Conference. They are a non profit organization made up of over 300 separate companies who utilize Prophet 21 Distribution Software. The group is made up of all volunteers, including the Board of Executives. The President, VP, Treasurer and Secretary are all voted in to office annually.
Needless to say, they are all extremely busy in their own careers. They dedicate quite a bit of time to volunteering for the WWUG, but to plan an event would be a task that none of them would be able to take on. Outsourcing for this task is a wonderful alternative.
Many events, like the WWUG conference, are annual events. Your planner will become a key member of your team because they will be a constant from year to year. If the Executive Committee changes, your planner will have all of the important details necessary for a successful meeting.
When the event is a true success and everything falls into place, you will be so happy that you decided to outsource. You will have the satisfaction of a job well done, without added aggravation. The choice is simple.

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