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By documenting your business you communicate to your people
exactly how your business operates and what work needs to be
completed by Employees filling the Positions in your

It is vitally important to have your business documented if
you are looking to sell your business or looking to secure
external funding. Well written and maintained Business
Systems and Documentation adds great value to your business
and will contribute to you getting more money when selling
or sourcing external funding.

Important information in your business needs to be recorded
and communicated to your employees in a consistent way. This
information should include.

– Strategic Objectives.
– Marketing Plan.
– Company Policies and Procedures.
– Position Contracts.
– Business Systems Documentation.
– Operations Manuals.

Only one version of information should be made available in
your business. It is important to have only one version to
ensure that all employees have access to the most up to date
consistent information.

Access to critical documents should be controlled, Documents
should be made available only to Employees who need to have
access. You should use a tool that allows you to easily
control access to information and allows you to track when
changes have been made and who has made the changes.

Documents and Data should be maintained on a secure central
server with a data backup and recovery plan in place.
Documents should not be stored locally on employee PC?s. The
reasons for this are numerous including avoiding the loss of
data through hardware failure or theft.

Business Systems Manager allows you to create, share and
maintain the critical documentation in your business. Start
a Free Trial today and begin taking your business
development to the next level.

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