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They may seem like a relic of a long-ago age, when gas stations wouldn?t accept credit cards unless they were from their own company. But now with credit cards being accepted at nearly every gas station in the country?many times right at the pump?gas reward credit cards may seem unnecessary. What good do they do you if you can use your Visa or MasterCard instead?
But don?t count out gas credit cards just yet. They still have their benefits for certain people. We know what question is coming next: “Am I one of those special certain people?” Well, it depends. Read the following five reasons that people should consider a gas reward credit card.
1. Consider Your Bill Paying Habits
First, ask yourself if you pay off your debt every month or you usually allow your credit debt to revolve. Gas credit cards tend to have higher percentage interest rates, so they may not be a good bet if you let your debt build from month to month.
2. Are You a Devoted Customer to One Particular Gas Station?
Next, do a quick estimate of the number of gas stations you?ve visited in the last month. Is it a random assortment of stations?whichever happened to be closest when your empty tank light went on? Or do you tend to go to the same station every time you buy gas? If you?re a devoted customer to one gas station, a gas card at that station may be the best idea. That?s because gas cards tend to give higher rebates at their stations, compared to other purchases.
3. Find the Best Rebates
If you shop at a few gas stations, you may want to narrow down your card selection to the company with the best rebates. Say, for instance, you usually buy gas at Shell, Texaco, and Gulf. Get information on all three companies? credit cards. If one of the three credit cards has a 6 percent rebate on its gas, while the other two have 4 percent, that kind of savings is a major reason to pick its card, especially as gas prices keep on going up and up.
4. How Convenient!
Gas cards can also be very convenient if the gas station has a convenience store. Those rebates also tend to extend not only to their gas, but to their foods, drink, and knickknacks in their stores. If you tend to run out to a particular gas station convenience store for milk, juice, snacks, and lunch, that 6 percent rebate will add up.
5. Organize!
Last but not least, for those who have trouble budgeting and keeping track of expenses, whether for personal or small business reasons, a gas card can be a way to organize without even trying!


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